Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions governing the downloading and reproduction of digital photographs from Accomplish Photography

Terms and conditions

1. The purchase of a digital photograph from Accomplish Photography does not carry with it the right to make a reproduction in any form other than to print a copy for personal use by the purchaser.

2. The Delivery note will list all the images delivered to the client, which shall be presumed to have been received in good condition, unless within three days of receipt notification is received of any discrepancy or damage.

3. Images supplied by Accomplish Photography may not be lent, sold, hired, or otherwise circulated, to a third party without prior written consent.

4. Images supplied by Accomplish Photography may not be used in connection with any form of advertising without prior written consent.

5. The duplication of digital or printed images in any form and by any means, including digital duplication, is strictly forbidden.

6. In the reproduction process, the picture may not be cropped, overprinted or altered in any way without prior permission.

7. Requests for permission to reproduce an image in print or on the internet are considered only on receipt of a copy of the reproduction application form fully completed before publication. Accomplish Photography reserve the right to charge twice the normal rate for applications received after the publication date.

8. Permission when granted covers only the specific occasion detailed on the application form and confers no exclusive rights of reproduction. Book reproduction rights are granted for one edition only. Further editions are not covered by the original fee and require a new application.

9. Reproduction fees must be paid on receipt of the invoice and may not be deferred until the date of publication.

10. All images remain the property of Accomplish Photography

13. On request, a complimentary copy of each work in which an authorised reproduction appears must be forwarded to the Image & Rights Coordinator, Accomplish Photography, for record purposes.

14. Unless otherwise indicated in the Copyright Agreement, acknowledgement must be made as follows: © Accomplish Photography


Photographs reproduced without a proper credit line will be charged at twice the normal rate.

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